Security Consultancy
In Defence Lies Invincibility

Security Management

For Business, Corporate or individual projects PROTECT Security Consultancy can provide guidance and advice for your safety and protection.  we believe in a holistic approach to security where everyone has a part to play. We can provide training for employees and management as well as reporting on your current security status with recommendations for enhancements.

Loss Prevention

With operational experience in Loss Prevention, Profit Protection and Retail Security PROTECT Security Consultancy can help you  investigate and minimise internal and external theft, help formulate strategies to combat loss, reduce shrinkage and advise on physical and electronic security upgrades.

Risk Assessments

The first step of security planning is to conduct a risk assessment which identifies current and potential dangers, to ensure  that security measures  are adequate to mitigate against  the threat. Some risks may be judged as acceptable however others may require measured planning and strategies to be implemented. PROTECT Security Consultancy can work with you to  identify the key areas, assessing and responding to the security risks and establish an effective risk management process  

Security Audit

With corporate experience of security protective measures and procedures, Security PROTECT Security Consultancy can independantly audit your  organisation, assessing your existing security and if any gaps are identified; advise on physical, electronic or procedural security upgrades.

Business Continuity


Business continuity is the planning embedded within an organisation to ensure continued operations if a  business is affected by different levels of disaster.  This can be a localized short term disasters lasting hours such as loss of power or communications to long term disasters;  such as a permanent loss of a building. Planning typically details how a business would recover its operations or move operations to another location after damage by events like natural disasters, theft, or flooding.  PROTECT Security Consultancy can review existing planning or help formulate plans if you have nothing currently in place.

Licenced for investigation with the Tasmanian Government, PROTECT Security Consultancy  can assist you in matters such as Internal and external theft, staff dishonesty and  retail security advice.  With experience in covert surveillance,  conducting audits, stock discrepencies and loss prevention we can support your business.

Security Design

PROTECT Security Consultancy have designed security measures such as physical attack, ballistic or blast protection (doors, windows, walling) secure airlocks, safes and strongrooms.   We can also help plan  electronic security such as CCTV,  access control and  intruder alarms, in addition, conduct security surveys on existing measures to assist with  the project planning and management of target hardening strategies.