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PROTECT Security Consultancy  review recent security incidents, intelligence or related news articles for information only. These are provided only as an overview of security related issues or events across the globe and are published in good faith regarding their accuracy.  Updated regularly and purely informative,  they are not intended to influence any decision making.
May 2019
1.  TRAVEL:  UK THREAT LEVEL :Update - unchanged from previous months, listed as SEVERE.  EUROPE continues to be a possible  target of terrorist attacks.  FRANCE - the YELLOW VEST protest in major cities continues to be a civil / security issue to the government.  AUSTRALIA /NZ : In the aftermath of the tragic  shootings in Christchurch, worrying comments from the  Turkish leader abouts threats relating to Gallipoli anniversary visits by  Australian and New Zealanders expressing anti muslim views have raised concerns from both countries governments. SRI LANKA - After the  bombings, all social media websites were shut down by the Sri Lankan government.  Hotels and churches were targetted by suicide bombers from a suspected terrorist group called 'National Thowheed Jamath' (NTJ) 

2. TRAVEL SECURITY: Hotel 'Key Cards' - When you check out of a hotel, DO NOT hand in your room key card as this contains your personal information such as address, telephone numbers, e-mail address and your Credit Card details. There have been worldwide reports of hotel staff selling used hotel key cards to criminal gangs for use in scams and fraud. Retain your card until you can destroy it safely
3.  PERSONAL SAFETY - In the unlikely event of you being involved in a Firearms or Weapons attack, the Police have issued  simple strategic advice : Stay Safe 'RUN - HIDE - TELL ' 1. RUN to a place of safety. If that is not possible...2. HIDE - it is better to hide than confront an attacker. Barricade yourself in if possible. Turn your Mobile phone  to SILENT and turn off VIBRATE. When it is safe to do so .... 3. TELL- Phone the Police by using the EMERGENCY number 
4.  IT  SECURITY: Ever increasing threat. Be suspicious of e-mails  and SMS messages with attached links,  which appear to be from legitimate sites such as the TAX Office, Bank or even your personal contacts. If in doubt contact the department to check validity. Attached links may contain 'MALWARE' or "VIRUS's'.  If unsure ask the sender to confirm they are genuine before you open them. IDENTITY THEFT becoming more prolific. Be careful what personal information you share and be wary of  online (skype) job interviews as this is an increasing method being used by fraudsters.

5. PERSONAL SECURITY:  ICE (In Case of Emergency) Include your important family contact  or NEXT OF KIN telephone number on your phone. In the event of a major accident, Emergency services will check a  phone for an emergency contact and search for the acronym' ICE' Useful to keep a hard copy record of important telephone numbers incase of phone theft or loss
6.  ELDER/ VULNERABLE PEOPLE ABUSE - This is a growing concern in the community which has been recently highlighted in various news articles. The most vulnerable  can be potentially targeted, physically, financially and emotionally by family,' friends' and even carers. This also applies to people with severe learning and, or disability issues. Should you have any concerns or suspicions about and elderley person or person with disabilities that you know, contact the Police.